RK-2022 RUKRA Telephone line switch


The RUKRA telephone line switch is a small telephone exchange for 3 RUKRA Elevator Phones. 

The switch can be used for a Machineroom intercom with 3 parallel connected RUKRA Elevator Phones that can be accessed separately from the machineroom.

From the Elevator cabinroof it is possible to make a speakconnection to the Machine room, and from the Machineroom with the attached Elevator phones.
It is also possible to make a phonecall outside the building.



• Powersupply: 12-24V DC

• Power consumption: Standby: 50mA / Active 12/24V DC: 300/150mA

• Programming by PC-USB

• Max. connected RUKRA’s: 3

• Article number: RK-2022

RUKRA Phone line Switch


Locally with a computer and USB cable:

Programming is only possible with a computer with the program "RUKRA Elevator Setting"

1- Dowload and install the program "RUKRA Elevator Setting",
2- Dowload and install the drivers for the USB cable,
3- Download the settings from the RUKRA Elevator phone and change the parameters that you want to reprogram.


RUKRA Elevator Setting Programm (ZIP 4.5Mb)

NOTE!! The drivers for the USB-Cable will not automatic be installed by Windows, read the
NOTE!! When you have problems with installing the software or drivers in Windows 8 read the