RK-2019 RUKRA Inductive loop


The RUKRA inductive loop is designed to increase the sound from the elevator phone in the elevator for the hearing impaired.

The speaker signal of the elevator phone is connected to the inductive loop.

The inductive loop transmits the audio signal through a wire (the ring) in loops along skirting or ceiling is constructed.

Hearing can turn their hearing aid to the 'T' position.

By means of induction the hearing aid receives the signal from the induction loop.
The volume is adjusted using the volume control



• Powersupply: 12 – 24 V DC

• Output: 1 x inductive loop

• Input: 1 x speaker

adjustable volume

• Power consumption: 0,5A tot 1A

• Size: 125x70x45mm

• Temp.: -30 tot 85° C

• Article number: RK-2019

Including loop

Connection Inductive loop