RK-2010 RUKRA Mini speak


The RUKRA MINI speakmodule behind cop can be used in situations where the existing cage behind panel has not enough space to install the RUKRA elevator phone.

You can fix the supplied speaker and print with double-sided tape behind the cop.
The module has a fixed microphone, a yellow and a green LED, a speaker with 30 cm cable (you can also use the existing speaker in the cage panel) and an input for the alarm button.

The module is supplied with 3 meter red cable and plug & play connectors and industrial double-sided tape for good installation.



• Connector RJ45

• Connector push: screw

• Connector speaker: screw

• Size: 55x28x14mm

• Speaker: Ø 50mm

• Article number: RK-2010


RUKRA Installationbox