RK-2007 RUKRA Monitoring module


With the RUKRA monitoring module you can count the numbers of starts of the elevator and it gives the elevator a command by carbutton (no Canbus) if there is no start during a preset time.

When a carbutton in the cabin is activated once in the 4 hours by the monitoring module, the elevator will make a start, when in the 4 minutes after the command no start has been registrated the module will send an error message to the RUKRA web-based call center indicating that the lift is probably in a fault.
The module can also remotely test the elevator to make a start and this start can be checked with the position of the start counter.

Every time the elevator phone makes a three day test to the call center it gives the current state of the start counter and this state will be registered automatically.
If the counter runs a preset number of starts then will be sent a message to the call center, so you know exactly when the elevator for example requires maintenance and service.



• Power: 12-24V DC

• Power consumption: Standby: 65mA

• Inputs: 3

• Outputs: 3

• Switch time inputs: Max. 99 minutes or 99 seconds

• Switch time outputs: Max. 99 seconds

• Start counter: Max starts before calling current state to the call center: 990K

• Current output 1+2: 0,5A

• Current output 3: 2A

• Article number: RK-2007

• Installation: The RUKRA Monitoring module can direct be mounted on the back of the RUKRA Elevator Phone


Locally with a computer and USB cable:

The RUKRA Monitoring Module must be connected with the powersupply and with the RUKRA Elevator Phone
1- Dowload and install the program "RUKRA Elevator Setting",
2- Dowload and install the drivers for the USB cable,
3- Download the settings from the RUKRA Monitoring module and change the parameters that you want to reprogram.