RK-1510 RUKRA Talker 4-channel


RUKRA Talker-4 speaks plays in combination with the RUKRA Elevator Phone voice messages to people in the elevator cabin and gives through speaking messages an address of the Elevator to every call center.

The Talker-4 is supplied with a plug and play cable connected to the programming connector of the RUKRA elevator phone, there is no further power supply required.

The Talker-4 is equipped with three fixed voice messages (Voice messages can be customized), and you can record your own voice message about, for example the address of the elevator or the elevator number, this is only possible with computer and the program "RUKRA elevator setting"



• 4 speech channels

1-       1-Message in cabin
2-       2-Message Location
3-       3-End of speech
4-       4-Adress of the elevator

• Programming: Only by PC and USB RK-2018-2

• Installation: stick on the back of the RUKRA Elevator Phone

• Size: 55*32*3mm

• Article number: RK-1510


Locally with a computer and USB cable (RK-2018-2):

1- Dowload and install the program "RUKRA Elevator Setting",
2- Dowload and install the drivers for the USB cable,
3- Download the settings from the RUKRA Elevator phone and change the parameters that you want to reprogram.
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