RK-1156 RUKRA Panel flush mount 220x145 mm.


The RUKRA car panels are made of high quality vertically brushed stainless steel.

The alarm button is equipped with two normally open (NO) contacts and also there are yellow LEDs (12-24VDC) present in the alarm button.

The panel is engraved with high-quality color pictograms according to the NEN 81-28.

On request, the car panels can be branded with your own logo or with an alarm button with telephone icon.

Aangezicht en montage RUKRA Alarmknop



• Pictograms NEN 81-28

• Stainless steel 2mm

• Vandalproof alarmbutton

• Alarmbutton with braille

• Alarmbutton 2 x N.O.

• Alarmbutton incl. yellow Led’s 12/24VDC

• Engraving with paint

• Sizes: 220x145x2mm

• Article number: RK-1156

Sizes flush mounting RUKRA carpanel RK 1156  Side view flush mount Carpanel


Alarmbutton with red phone symbol, Articlenumber: RK-2300

Alarmknop telefoon   Components RUKRA AlarmknopAfmetingen RUKRA Alarmknop