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EUROPE B.V. RUKRA Europe has more than 15 years of experience in Elevator Emergency Phone systems. We supply emergency phones and accessories for all types of Elevators, for fixed PSTN phone lines GSM and VOIP. We even have a Web Based Call Center for every company from 10 till 10.000 elevators where you and your clients can see the live status of your Elevator Emergency Phone(s) and you can listen the recorded alarm calls.

Thanks to our 15 year’s experience we know the market and the market knows us, so we develop our products and systems in close collaboration with Elevator service companies, Elevator manufacturers and Elevator owners. The focus is on safety, quality, functionality and the best price.  Compact and functional products that are fast and easy to install in every Elevator.  Our products are found all over Europe.

We listen to our customers and the regulations and naturally we look what our competition is doing in the market, so we ensure that we are always up to date with products and price.

Our Mision and Vision:
We are an independent and professional organization that ensures the safety of elevator users. We are customer-oriented, because for every challenge, a solution can be offered.
We offer quality products in the areas of security and remote access. To ensure our quality an innovative technical approach and commitment of our employees and suppliers are crucial. In this way we manage to distinguish ourselves. Moreover, we work only with trustworthy partners.



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