RK-1302 RUKRA GSM modem

Informations sur le produit

The RUKRA GPRS cellular modem is used in the Call Centre to send and receive text messages and for receiving the free emergency calls and service-call (3-day test) the call is not answered so it is FREE of charge.

The GPRS cellular modem is connected via a serial RS-232 cable to the serial COM port of the computer.

The modem is plug and play and there is no software to be installed.


• Powersupply: 230VAC / 12VDC

• Sim-Card: 3V/1,8V

• Frequency: GSM900/1800

• Rate: Adjustable 300b/s – 115kb/s, automatic detection of com.rate (from 4,8 kb/s)

• Connection PC: RS-232

• Antenna: FME (f)

• Size: 100x74x29 mm

• Article number: RK-1302


There is no software needed