RK-2020 RUKRA Machine room intercom


With the RUKRA machineroom intercom you make easy connection from the Machineroom to the RUKRA Elevator Phone in the elevator cabin. The system communicates by the connected PSTN telephone. 

You do not need to install in the elevator additional voice module.
The RUKRA machineroom intercom can also be used to program the RUKRA elevator Phone or other systems.
• 3-wires connection to the elevator phone.
• Plug & Play supplied.
• If the phone is picked up in the machineroom there is a connection directly with the Elevator Phone.
Can also be used for programming.



Required by an elevator from 30 meters

• Power supply: 12V DC

• Connection: 3-wire connection including telephone line to Elevator

• Sizes: 65x25x60mm Article Number: RK-2020

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